Filmmaker and Visual Artist 


Will Huxley is a film maker and photographer with over 15 years experience. Will studied photography at Edith Cowan University and has had photographic work exhibited and published in magazines and online. Will later specialised in film and graduated with honours from the VCA.  His graduating film screened in festivals in London, Rome, Portugal and Melbourne. His love of art and culture led him to produce documentary and magazine stories for ABC TV. Celebrating a diverse range of art mediums and creating stylistic videos and music clips as well as profiles, and photographic documentary work for The NGV, ACMI and Melbourne Festival. Will has worked in television producing and filming content for ABC TV, Grand Designs, Project Runway, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, The Recruit and worked for The Australian Chamber Orchestra and other arts companies and events. His love of fashion has also seen him produce content for the Virgin Australia and Melbourne Spring Fashion weeks. A love of performance, costume and the extreme has fed into recent collaborations with his partner visual artist Garrett Huxley.  They are known as The Huxleys.  

The Huxleys
photo by Jo Duck
The Huxleys Biography


The Huxleys are Will and Garrett Huxley who’s shared background in costume design, photography, video and performance has informed their practice, a living, ever evolving collage of still images, moving image, and dazzling performances.

The Huxleys have exhibited artwork in installations, fashion shows, performances and photographic exhibitions and festivals across the world including Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Berlin and Australia. Their work reflects their iridescent hyper real world, full of arresting shapes, lurid colour, extreme theatrics and an ethos of glamorous androgynous abandon.


Photo by Armelle Habib

Creative Couples Will and Garrett Huxley 
ABC TV Documentary 
artist profile on Amateur Hour TV 

Vogue Living Article 2018 

Photos by Sharyn Cairns 


Photos by Sharyn Cairns for Vogue Living